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Accessories and retail ranges

Sharpening stones, assembly accessories for tools and assortments round off the LUKAS product range. So that everything is at hand in everyday workshop life.

Some tools are not clamped directly into the machine but are used on special devices. LUKAS offers such clamping systems for all the associated power tools. These include:

  • arbors for felt polishing wheels
  • mounting system for polishing wheels
  • arbors for cutting and rough grinding discs
  • arbors for tools with an internal thread
  • tool adapters for SFI/SFA mounted flap wheels
  • reducing bush

This clamping accessory is designed for use on straight grinders. These parts let you install the corresponding grinding and polishing tools in just a few simple steps. The clamping bolts are available for collets in different diameters. If the clamping bolt does not fit on the straight grinder, it can be easily adjusted with a reducing bush. The clamping devices and their matching tools are indicated in the catalogue.

Sharpening stones are frequently used for dressing bonded grinding and polishing tools. With tools like these, the edges are resharpened and pores that have filled up with abrasive dust are unclogged, making the tools ready for use again. Sharpening stones are also directly used for grinding. They are suitable for grinding tool steels, glass, ceramics and tungsten carbide.

We supply sharpening stones with silicon carbide abrasive grain in a ceramic matrix for renewing grinding tools. The sharp ceramic abrasive grain quickly makes tools such as grinding and polishing points fit for use again. These stones are also ideally suited for manually grinding extremely hard materials such as glass and ceramic. Our white aluminium oxide sharpening stones are perfect for steels, cast materials and similar materials. Their extreme hardness and sharp grains give them a long service life.

The assortment of precision tools is worthwhile for all industrial companies and workshops that work alternately with different small tool sizes. With this assortment, you always have tools of all sizes ready at hand. We offer assortments for the following tool types:

  • Frässtifte aus Hartmetall (für Stahl, Inox, Alu und Universal)
  • tungsten carbide burrs (for steel, Inox, aluminium and universal use)
  • HSS burrs
  • EKR mounted points (aluminium oxide for steel and cast material)
  • miniature mounted points
  • NDW mounted points (aluminium oxide mixture for tool steel)
  • mounted points
  • abrasive caps and mandrels

The full range of accessories and assortments with all the relevant details can be found in the catalogue:

Do you have any questions about our tools and accessories? Please contact our application consulting service. We can assist you on all issues concerning the selection and usage of tools. Alternatively, you can send us your contact details. We will get back to you shortly.

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