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Full power ahead with any material

Cutting discs for metals and construction materials

Cutting discs are specialists for powerful cuts: They work their way rapidly through every material. Cutting tools from LUKAS are precisely adapted for use with different materials and with handheld or stationary machines. They all achieve maximum performance and a long tool life.

The LUKAS product range includes suitable cutting discs for steel and stainless steels, cast materials and light metal, as well as for bricks, tiles and other building materials. Cutting discs for stationary machine tools are also available in addition to types for handheld angle grinders. LUKAS makes cutting discs in two categories:

cutting discs

LUKAS cutting discs use aluminium oxide or ceramic as the cutting material. They cut the best figure when cutting metal. Suitable cutting discs, which make forced cuts in precisely these materials, are available for steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The “Ceramic” cutting disc opens up a new chapter in working with stainless steel. The ceramic grain continually exposes new cutting grain during grinding. This self-sharpening effect results in an outstanding tool life. The cool cutting practically excludes discolouration. The “Cool Jobber” cutting disc also heats up only slightly when cutting stainless steel. This prolongs the tool’s service life and is gentle to the workpiece. The Cool Jobber is also comfortable to work with because it produces little dust and odours.

Another speciality from LUKAS is the X-LOCK cutting disc with its ultra-fast mounting. Simply push it onto the grinder, press it down – done. The “BF Stone” cutting disc is particularly versatile: It cuts cast material as well as brick and concrete. This makes it the ideal multi-purpose cutting disc for construction work.

diamond cutting discs

Diamond cutting discs are the most robust and durable cutting tools of them all. With their diamond cutting edges, they are the natural favourite tools for machining rock, building materials and other non-metallic materials. They do have different strengths, however. The “LD Multi S13”, for example, breaks down all types of concrete and building blocks, and is even unfazed by granite. The extremely versatile “VDC” not only cuts through building material, but also tiles and even cast pipes. It is the best tool if you need a diamond cutting disc that is capable of cutting as many different materials as possible.

Several diamond cutting discs are specialists for hard but delicate tiles. These include the popular “Fliese S7” and the “Fliese X-Lock”, which can be changed extremely quickly. The fastest cutting disc of them all is the “Fast Cut S10”, which lives up to its name with tiles and stoneware. It also cuts through volcanic porphyry and clinker bricks.

In our catalogue, you will find detailed descriptions of all the tools, including illustrations, operating and safety instructions, and the available sizes:

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