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Drilling tools for porous and hard materials

Some building materials such as cavity bricks and tiles are difficult to work with. LUKAS has developed specialist drilling tools for just such materials.

Many drilling jobs on new construction and renovation projects require drilling tools that differ from conventional twist drill bits. Such tools use drill rings instead of drill tips or have special geometries. Successful drilling tools from LUKAS include:

HZB special drill

The strength of the HZB special drill bit lies in the machining of cavity and perforated bricks. The HZB creates robust drill holes in which windows, doors or scaffolding can be securely anchored. Until now, creating weight-bearing drill holes in such heat-insulating bricks used to be a challenging task. When working with conventional twist drill bits, the webs break easily, which greatly reduces the grip for dowels or anchors. The HZB with its special drill head and long shank leaves the bricks intact and as a result allows for robust dowel screw connections.

Nice side effect: This tungsten carbide drill bit has a tool life of about 20 times longer than a twist drill bit. The HZB has an SDS-plus shank so that it can be used on any standard impact drill.

diamond dry drill

Drilling holes in tiles is tricky because they crack easily during drilling. With the diamond dry drill bit, however, holes can be drilled without any risk of damaging the tiles. This drill bit has diamond segments arranged in a circular pattern. The drill heads have a diameter between 3 and 68 mm. These two features make the drill bits perfect for installing bathroom fittings or mounting radiators on tiled walls, for example.

HGW core drills set

The HGW core drill set can be generally used for drilling circular holes. Core drills are most frequently used in construction work for drilling socket outlets. But it does not end there; the set with its four core drills sized 33 to 73 mm is also suitable for working on glass, ceramic or tungsten carbide. A great advantage of these tools is their extremely long service life.

diamond core drill

The diamond core drill is the specialist for fast electrical installations. The dimensions of this tool are designed for making holes for sockets. Its diamond coating allows this drill to be used on all building materials such as brick, concrete, roof tiles or pumice. With its SDS-plus shank, the diamond core drill fits on standard impact drills and hammer drills.

You will find more information about these boring tools in our catalogue:

If you have any questions about the tools, simply contact our application consulting service. Alternatively, get in touch with us by phone or email, or send us your contact details and we will get back to you shortly.

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