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Flexible grinding for perfect surfaces

Grinding and polishing tools with flexible abrasives

Flexible grinding tools adapt themselves to the shape of the workpiece, thus ensuring uniform material removal. LUKAS has a wide range of grinding tools for all workpieces and machining methods.

Everything is possible with the right grinding tool: fast roughening or fine grinding, derusting stainless steel girders or polishing moulds. It all comes down to the right combination of abrasive grain, backing medium and tool design. Drawing on its decades of experience, LUKAS has developed an extensive range of flexible tools for every grinding and polishing operation. The range comprises:

lamellar flap discs

Flap discs are also known as mounted flap discs, flap wheels, flap grinding discs or mounted discs. These discs are always supported from the rear by the base plate. They are widely used for machining surfaces using electric or pneumatic tools. We produce flap discs, notably with ceramic, various grades of aluminium oxide and silicon carbide as abrasive grains. The diameters range from 100 to 230 mm and the grit sizes from 24 to 120. All grinding discs are optimised for specific grinding or polishing tasks.


Highlights among the LUKAS flap discs are:
  • SLTT HybridPerfectionCeramic4x: the professional tool for steel; an impressive tool life and removal rates; Ceramic4x, self-sharpening
  • V4 Purple Power: for heavy-duty applications; highly aggressive tool for robot and automatic systems; ceramic, self-sharpening
  • Purple Grain: for heavy-duty applications; compact disc for hard-to-reach areas; ceramic, self-sharpening
  • V4Master: highly productive cutting for metal engineering; zirconia alumina
  • SLTR Control: flap disc with large viewing windows for keeping the metal in view during Inox machining; zirconia alumina
  • SLTP polishing disc: cool grinding and cleaning of stainless steel
mounted flap wheels

Mounted flap wheels are also known as grinding points and flap points. They are used with handheld straight grinders and flexible shafts. The flaps grind boreholes, pipes and other tight or narrow machining areas. Regular aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and regular aluminium oxide with an abrasive surface layer are usually used as the abrasive grain. Ceramic grain is used on the “SFL Ceramic” mounted flap wheels for an extremely long service life.

The backing material is abrasive cloth, the more supple abrasive fleece, or a combination of the two. Abrasive cloths are usually used for greater removal rates on tough materials. Fleece is mainly used for finer work such as cleaning, polishing and satin-matt finishing, as well as on light metals. Some of the mounted flap wheels are optimised for special jobs. For example, there are versions for stainless steel (type SFE), with long shanks (SFI and SFA), with silicon carbide for the aerospace industry (SFC), and for filigree workpieces (SFB slotted). This means that for practically every grinding job, the right mounted flap wheel can be found.

Flap wheels are used on handheld angle grinders or bench grinders. These tools are also known among craftsmen as fan discs, abrasive rolls and flap grinding discs. The distinguishing feature of flap discs is the plastic disc in the middle that holds the flaps in place. All standard abrasive grains are used for fan discs or flap discs. These also include silicon carbide and ceramic grain besides regular aluminium oxide.

flap discs and rollers

Abrasive cloth, the softer abrasive fleece and combinations of the two are used as the backing material for flap wheels. This diversity of materials opens up an equally broad range of applications, from derusting to matt and silky gloss finishing. Flap wheels are mounted on the bench grinder or a flexible shaft. There is also a version for angle grinders.

Abrasive rolls or flap rolls have large machining widths of 100 mm. They are used on surface grinding machines. LUKAS offers many different grinding and polishing tools for these devices, which are also known as conditioning machines.

abrasive bands and mandrels

Abrasive bands are clamped onto the corresponding abrasive band mandrels and are designed to achieve a powerful material removal. They are clamped onto straight grinders, devices with a flexible shaft and other handheld machines. Abrasive bands are proven tools for jobs such as cleaning, light deburring, refining, surface and contour grinding, and for fettling. These tools are available with diameters between 8 and 100 mm and with regular aluminium oxide, zirconia alumina and ceramic grain as the cutting material. This variety means there is a band for detailed work as well as for large areas. Even metals as hard as titanium can be ground with the right bands.

abrasive rolls and mandrels

Abrasive rolls consist of abrasive cloth wound multiple times. During use, the worn abrasive layer exposes the next layer, ensuring an outstanding tool life. For this reason, they are used for the sustained machining of small parts or for grinding boreholes and other tight spaces. Regular aluminium oxide and ceramic grain are available as cutting materials. The abrasive rolls are wound onto abrasive roll mandrels for straight grinders.

abrasive caps and backings

Abrasive caps are the tool of choice for machining hard-to-reach areas. An extremely powerful tool in this category is the SK Ceramic abrasive cap. It also grinds challenging materials such as hardened steel, weld seams and titanium alloys without glazing. The self-sharpening effect leads to a very long tool life. An alternative is the SKS Special abrasive cap. It demonstrates an excellent cutting performance with corrosion and heat-resistant steels as well as with other materials such as non-ferrous metals and plastics. The corresponding abrasive cap mandrels are used on straight grinders.

abrasive discs and carriers

LUKAS supplies abrasive discs for the entire range of abrasive and polishing agents. This starts with universal regular aluminium oxide and leads via zirconia alumina and ceramic for aggressive material removal through to fleece for polishing. All LUKAS abrasive discs can be quickly mounted on the corresponding abrasive disc carriers. Many of these abrasive discs have a quick lock on the back. This allows them to be screwed and immediately clamped onto the disc carrier. Other abrasive discs are held securely in position by self-adhesion or a self-adhesive Velcro backing. With each fixture, the abrasive disc can be changed quickly, easily and safely.

fibre discs and backing pads, etc.

Fibre discs are designed for use on angle grinders in combination with backing pads. LUKAS offers these popular grinding tools with regular aluminium oxide, zirconia alumina and ceramic grain. Price-conscious users can choose the “Base-X” version with regular aluminium oxide. The “FIS Ceramic” fibre disc is primarily suitable for extremely hard materials such as wear-resistant steels and scale layers. A favourite tool for coarse work is the “SHF semi-flexible grinding disc”. It is suitable not only for paint stripping and derusting, but also for GFRP and CFRP machining.

All the tool types presented here are described in detail in our catalogue. You will find the available sizes there as well:

Do you have any questions about the tools and how to use them? Please contact our application consulting service for assistance and further information or use our contact form.

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