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Powerful drive for the grinding tool

Pneumatic and electrical handheld grinding machines

First-class tools require drives of equal performance. Therefore, LUKAS produces pneumatic grinders and pneumatic machines for efficient grinding that meet the demanding requirements of professional users.

Industrial pneumatic tools are subjected to extreme loads and are exposed to dust and heat. They should be robust, durable, easily serviceable, and use compressed air sparingly. These are qualities that perfectly describe the pneumatic grinders and machines from LUKAS. The range of pneumatic tools includes belt grinders and a wide range of straight grinders.

All of these tools have disc drives that have proven their endurance under the toughest conditions over the years. The drives can be braked under load until they are almost at a standstill without causing any damage. A speed limiter ensures that the idle speed does not exceed the maximum permissible limits. Moreover, the tool will not overheat during continuous operation.

Basic servicing is essential for assuring the high availability of pneumatic grinders and pneumatic machines. This is why LUKAS tools have a simple design and can be easily disassembled. Wearing parts such as discs, bearings and seals can be easily replaced on site. The pneumatic tools achieve their full drive output from a system pressure of 0.63 MPa (6.3 bar), which contributes to their good economic performance. This enables operators to economically limit the pressure in their plant.

All pneumatic grinders and pneumatic machines offer the following advantages:

  • high performance with low air consumption
  • robust design
  • simple servicing
  • load-bearing capacity until standstill
  • speed limitation for a stable idle speed

LUKAS straight grinders achieve speeds of between 12,000 and 72,000 rpm and an output of up to 1.0 kW. The smallest and fastest straight grinders demonstrate their strengths in precision machining with small-scale milling, grinding and polishing points. Larger and more powerful straight grinders can also handle heavy-duty work such as deburring and weld seam grinding. They work with other grinding tools such as abrasive caps, abrasive bands, abrasive rolls and abrasive sleeves.

The belt grinder for wound abrasive bands functions in a similar way to a straight grinder. Instead of a collet, it has a clamping arm for clamping long abrasive bands. With abrasive bands made of regular aluminium oxide with different grit sizes, it can be used in many ways for sustained grinding.

The LUKAS conditioning machine has an electric motor and is just as robust as the pneumatic drive units. The motor can withstand heavy loads, and the speed can be easily and significantly decreased during heavy-duty work. The dust-protected bearings reduce wear and the double gear reduction takes the load off the drive for a long tool life. The tool switches off automatically in case of excessive temperatures or an overload. The conditioning machine grinds at a working width of 100 mm.

Do you want to know which tools are best suited for which machine? Then take a look in our catalogue. The most suitable tools are listed for each machine:

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