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Ideal presentation of quality tools

Sales service for specialised dealers

Given the right presentation, high quality tools practically fly off the shelves. Attractive and clearly arranged displays will let your customers have LUKAS bestsellers immediately at hand.

LUKAS tools for cutting, roughening, milling, grinding and polishing are popular with customers. Clearly arranged displays with a high recognition value allow them to find the tools they need straight away. We supply the most popular products in practical sales packaging for hanging on stand displays.

These promotional displays and packagings are available to specialised dealers:

display wall

The display wall with the distinctive logo enables the tools to be clearly displayed. This stable, self-standing display is designed as a perforated wall, which lets you select the products yourself and position them on hooks and shelves.

counter display for cuttings discs or mounted flap wheels

With the counter displays for cutting or mounted flap discs, you have the most popular tools ready at hand and right at the cash register for your customers. These counter displays can be filled with cutting or mounted flap discs in packs of 10. This makes them convenient for replenishing tool stocks on the way to work. These counter displays are available for disc diameters 115 and 125 mm.

counter display for burrs

Counter displays for burrs support the retail sale of tungsten carbide burrs. They are filled with ZX Universal burrs. This burr, which can be used on steel, light metal and plastic, is one of the best-selling tools from LUKAS.

retail packs

The retail packs perfectly complement the merchandise fixture. These attractive and informative packs are filled with the most popular LUKAS tools, such as mounted flap discs, mounted flap wheels, burrs, cutting discs, diamond cutting discs and grinding discs. The tools are individually packed with Euro punch holes or are hung by their holes. Mounted points are combined into small assortments and hung up in boxes. Retailers can put together their own assortment from such products.

The presentation materials and retail packs are also shown in detail in our catalogue:

Do you have any questions about our offers for the retail trade? Contact our sales department regarding all aspects of our sales support.

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