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Powerful and fast material removal

Rough grinding tools for high productivity

Rough grinding discs are the specialists for coarse work: You get maximum cutting performance. LUKAS offers rough grinding discs for every type of metal with the properties to match. Diamond cup wheels take over the heavy-duty material removal on construction sites.

Rough grinding requires assertive tools with an abrasive layer primarily designed for making fast grinding progress. Ceramic, silicon carbide and aluminium oxide achieve the best results on metals. Synthetic diamonds attain the best possible removal rates with rock and building materials. For some other materials, carbide granulate has proved to be the best solution.

This is why LUKAS offers three types of roughening tools:

grinding discs

LUKAS grinding discs are designed for machining steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, cast materials, titanium and composite materials. Depending on the machining material, the tools comprise an optimised combination of grain, bonding agent, microstructure, shape and design.

One of LUKAS’ most powerful designs is the “Ceramic” grinding disc. With its ceramic grain, it is capable of machining hard materials such as steel and stainless steel with high productivity. The cool cutting prevents any blue discolouration with Inox, while the self-sharpening effect ensures an extremely long tool life. Several grinding discs with an aluminium oxide cutting material achieve excellent cutting results on steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals.

The “Cool Jobber” grinding disc is exceptionally versatile. It allows steels to be cut and roughened using the same disc, making it ideal for alternating jobs. LUKAS also has specialist tools for machining stone and cast materials, offering optimised tools with maximum removal performance for any material.

diamond cup wheels

Diamond cup wheels are the specialists for rapidly grinding down concrete, bricks, roof tiles, pumice and other building materials. These tools smoothen out uneven surfaces on concrete and masonry, remove tile adhesive from screed, and can grind down natural stone. Typical characteristics of LUKAS diamond tools are their excellent price-performance ratio and an extremely long service life. Diamond cup wheels are available with diameters between 115 and 180 mm.

tungsten carbide granulate-tipped disc

Tungsten carbide granulate-tipped discs are characterised by their amazing grinding versatility. Three grain sizes are available depending on the hardness of the workpiece. Tipped with coarse carbide grains, they are used for renewing conveyor belts and other rubber materials, for example. This tool is also used as a trimming disc for trimming animal hooves. Tipped with fine carbide grain, this disc can machines rock, glass and ceramics. We can tip the discs according to your requirements to accommodate your specific machining needs.

You can find detailed descriptions of all the rough grinding tools in our catalogue together with explanations about the design of the tools, and their labelling and durability:

If you have any questions about the tools, you can get in touch with our application consulting service or use our contact form.

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