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Capable of flexibly handling the most demanding challenges

BPSZ universal shank brush 23×29 mm for straight grinder crimped

SKU: A350502329134
Packaging unit: 10 pcs.

Recommended use

Cast material
Plastic and Wood


The high-quality steel shank of the tool fits perfectly in the power tool. Jamming, slippage or even shaft breakage are a thing of the past.
Your added value
perfect dimensional stability: Fits perfectly in the power tool
Good value for money thanks to steel wire
Stainless thanks to zinc-nickel coating
No dangerous shank breakage thanks to high-quality steel shank
Without chrome coating
Proven quality: high level of safety by regular tests
Steel and cast steel
best suitable
Cast iron
best suitable
More applications
best suitable
Fine grinding
Fillet weld grinding
Paint removal
best suitable
Precision machining
best suitable
best suitable
Rough grinding
Weld seam machining
best suitable
Dash-dot matting
best suitable
best suitable


This end brush with its knotted design adapts itself to the contours of every workpiece due to its elasticity. The knotted brushes are much more durable than the corrugated type and are therefore designed for extreme brushing requirements. This brush can be used for many different tasks such as deburring, descaling, derusting, cleaning, fettling, roughening and paint stripping. The brush is made of high-performance steel wire with a high tensile strength. This gives these end brushes an excellent tool life and eliminates the need for frequent tool changes. They are used where residues of normal steel wire would adversely affect the machining metal surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals (not iron). Technical brushes can be used with both stationary machinery as well as with handheld power tools. The high-quality steel shank of the wheel brush with shank fits perfectly in the power tool. Jamming, slippage or even shaft breakage are a thing of the past. Regular testing ensures a high degree of reliability.

Technical information

Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions0.093 × 0.108 × 0.082 m
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