The burr for perfectly machining steel and stainless steel in practical retail packaging

HFC cylindrical round nose burr for stainless steel/steel 8×20 mm shank 6 mm | cut Z42 | retail trade

SKU: A10020820620F1
Packaging unit: 1 pcs.

Recommended use

Stainless steel


The tooth geometry of this tool allows it to be used on steel and stainless steel. The large chip cross section provides for fast, efficient working and a high chip volume. Thanks to its special chip breakers, minimum effort is required to work with it.
The high-quality steel shank of the tool fits perfectly in the power tool. Jamming, slippage or even shaft breakage are a thing of the past.
Practically no cutting edge chipping, high chip volumes and an optimised cutting angle, even with the toughest applications: The faceted toothing of this tool makes all this possible. In addition, the long-lasting sharpness of the cutting edges means that less force is required when working and provides for low machine wear. The tool runs smoothly without any rattling or vibrations.
Your added value
Can machine both stainless steel and regular steel
perfect dimensional stability: Fits perfectly in the power tool
High chip volume thanks to coarse cut for quick working
Efficient use: Large chip volume in a short time thanks to large cross section
Faceted toothing for perfect surface results
Robust cutting and cuts prevent breakouts and save valuable time
No dangerous shank breakage thanks to high-quality steel shank
Smoothly running, low-vibration tool without chatter thanks to improved cutting angle
Low force required when working thanks to short chips
Cutting edge chipping outbreaks occur very rarely, even with the toughest applications
Thanks to the faceted toothing, the cutting edges stay sharp longer: Less force required when working and low machine wear
Steel and cast steel
best suitable
Alloyed/cast steels
Tool steel
Rust-/acid-/and heat-resistant steel and cast steel
best suitable
More applications
best suitable
best suitable
Fine grinding
best suitable
Fillet weld grinding
Paint removal
Precision machining
Rough grinding
Weld seam machining
best suitable
Dash-dot matting

Technical information

Weight 0.028 kg
Dimensions 0.15 × 0.065 × 0.011 cm
Tool shape

Twist angle, left

Twist angle, right

Overall length

Shank length

Cutting direction

Cutting angle ( γs1 )

Face toothing type

Tool holder

Tool holder dimension

Tool width/length/height

Tool diameter

Tooth number, left

Tooth number, right