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SLTO universal lamellar flap disc Ø 115 mm zirconia alumina grain 80 | straight

The efficient alternative to the grinding disc with a high ergonomic value

SLTO universal lamellar flap disc Ø 115 mm zirconia alumina grain 80 | straight

SKU: A27151150801535
Packaging unit: 10 pcs.

Recommended use

Stainless steel
Cast material


The flexible, lightweight, stable and elastic glass fabric carrier of the tool allows for exceptional surface results. The high resistance to shredding and minimal vibration during operation, not to mention its easy handling, perfectly round off this tool.
Thanks to the multi-layer coating, this tool is always as sharp as at the first time of use. When the top flaps wear down, the fresh abrasive coating of the flaps underneath is exposed. In this way, they achieve a long service life and consistent working quality.
A high-quality resin system prevents this tool from rupturing at high speeds or working temperatures. In addition, we pay attention to environmental conservation during the production and use start-of-the-art technologies with short curing times.
Thanks to the self-sharpening effect of the zirconia alumina, combined with the extreme hardness and sharpness of the abrasive grain, this tool achieves high removal rates and a long service life, especially with hard and tough materials such as stainless steel.
Your added value
Lightweight carrier material for low tool weight
Maximum tool life thanks to multi-layer abrasive coating
Self-sharpening effect: high removal rate especially on stainless steel
High safety: unbreakable glass-fibre
Fresh abrasive coating every time: wear exposes the flaps underneath
Secure working even at high operating speeds and temperature thanks to special resin bond
Extremely hard and sharp for an impressively long tool life
Elastic carrier material: low vibration when working
Environmentally friendly production using state-of-the-art resin curing technology
Also machines hard materials efficiently
A glass fibre carrier facilitates an exceptional surface result thanks to its flexibility
Made with top-selling carrier
Inexpensive to purchase
Can be used with any commercially available angle grinder thanks to 22.23 mm bore
Proven quality: high level of safety by regular tests
Steel and cast steel
best suitable
Alloyed/cast steels
best suitable
Tool steel
best suitable
Rust-/acid-/and heat-resistant steel and cast steel
best suitable
Cast iron
best suitable
Titanium and nickle alloys
best suitable
More applications
best suitable
best suitable
Fine grinding
Fillet weld grinding
Paint removal
Precision machining
Rough grinding
best suitable
Weld seam machining
best suitable
Dash-dot matting

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