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From pioneer to an international tool manufacturer

The success story of the Engelskirchen-based family business, which spans more than 85 years by now, begins in the 1930s in Germany. In 1937, the brothers Edmund and Willi Lukas discover their pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. Using the simplest of machines, the two begin manufacturing drill bits for many different applications on the upper floor of their own car workshop. Soon, their skill and the high quality of their products make a name for themselves in the Oberberg region. The product range is expanded step by step – beginning with burrs, grinding discs and mounted points.

With many ideas and passion, and an initially good portion of a local “roll-your-sleeves-up” mentality, the brothers develop an industrial company that operates far beyond its regional borders. Just seven years after establishing the company, they already employ 70 people.

In the upwind of the years of the German economic miracle, LUKAS is able to continuously grow organically, and it acquires the dental drill and small burr manufacturer Rheinische Zahnbohrer- und Kleinfräserfabrik in 1964. In 1975, the companies merge to form “LUKAS-ERZETT Vereinigte Schleif- und Fräswerkzeugfabriken GmbH & Co. KG”.

LUKAS quickly responds to the increasing competitive and cost pressures associated with globalisation in the 1980s with an offensive internationalisation strategy. The first step towards a global orientation is the acquisition of a South African tool manufacturer in 1986. In 1989, a sales company is established in the Czech Republic, and a completely new production facility is set up at the same location in 1991.

In 2010, the modern logistics centre with a total storage area of 5,500 m² is completed at the main site in Engelskirchen and opened in May that year.

With the launch of the first proprietary LUKAS online shop in 2019 and an innovative product data delivery concept for online retailers, LUKAS also reaches the digital markets.



  • 1937 Gebrüder Lukas Werkzeuge und Maschinen oHG is established by Edmund and Willi Lukas in Engelskirchen
  • 1941 Expansion of the production programme with grinding discs and mounted points
  • 1964 Acquisition of Rheinische Zahnbohrer und Kleinfräserfabrik Baumann & Co. (Erzett) in Engelskirchen
  • 1968 Production merger of Gebrüder Lukas Werkzeuge und Maschinen oHG and Rheinische Zahnbohrer und Kleinfräserfabrik Baumann & Co.
  • 1974 Acquisition and integration of Westdeutsche Schleif- und Poliermittel GmbH in Nümbrecht
  • 1975 Merger of Gebrüder Lukas Werkzeuge und Maschinen oHG with Rheinische Zahnbohrer und Kleinfräserfabrik Baumann & Co. to create today’s company
  • 1984 Purchase of the premises and open spaces of Ronda-Plast GmbH in Engelskirchen (today’s Plant 2)
  • 1986 Entry into the production of cutting and grinding discs with the acquisition of a majority stake in Selco Tools (Pty) Ltd. in Germiston, South Africa
  • 1987 Acquisition of a substantial holding in the UK sales company Kayson Green Limited
  • 1987 Establishment of LUKAS AG in Glattbrugg/Zürich, Switzerland
  • 1990 Expansion and extension of Plant 2 at the main site in Engelskirchen
  • 1990 Shareholding in Selco Tools (Pty) Ltd. is increased from 51% to 100% and the company is renamed as “LUKAS S. A. (Pty) Ltd.”
  • 1991 Takeover of the sales company Werner Boehm in Vienna and renaming as “LUKAS Fräsen-Schleifen-Polieren Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.”
  • 1991 Establishment of LUKAS CSFR spol. s. r. o. in Skalná, Czech Republic
  • 1992 Establishment of the sales company LUKAS Obchod spol. s. r. o. in Skalná, Czech Republic
  • 1994 Completion of a new company building in Skalná, Czech Republic, in conjunction with the renaming of LUKAS CSFR as “LUKAS Nastroje spol. s. r. o.”


  • 2003 Extension of the site in Germiston
  • 2004 Inauguration of the “Technikum” training and demonstration centre at the main site in Engelskirchen
  • 2008 Extension of the site in Skalná
  • 2008 Market entry of the innovative LUKAS iQ series product family
  • 2009 Awarded the “MM Award zur AMB” innovation prize
  • 2010 Acquisition of the small Hamburg-based company Karl Schriever
  • 2010 Inauguration of the logistics centre at the main site in Engelskirchen
  • 2011 Takeover of grinding disc manufacturer Schleifscheibenfabrik Rottluff GmbH in Chemnitz
  • 2012 Company anniversary: 75th anniversary celebrations


  • 2018 Establishment of the advisory board with participation of the shareholders
  • 2019 LUKAS online shop for DIY and craftsmen goes live
  • 2020 Company is renamed as “LUKAS-ERZETT GmbH & Co. KG”
  • 2020 Development of a comprehensive product data delivery concept for online retailers
  • 2020 Presentation of the new brand identity