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Working more productively on the construction site

Special tools for construction and handicraft

Concrete and bricks, steel and ceramics – there are many different materials that need cutting on a construction site. LUKAS has tools in its range for fast work with any material. We also offer special drill bits that are real problem solvers for difficult jobs.

On construction sites, hard and brittle materials have to be handled on a large scale. This requires dedicated tools to be able to meet quality goals and deadlines.

These are some of the most popular LUKAS tools for construction and handicraft:

  • HZB drill
  • tungsten carbide core drill
  • cutting disc for stone and cast material
  • LD Multi 3 diamond cutting disc
  • VDC diamond cutting disc

The HZB drill bit is a special tool for boring holes in cavity and perforated bricks. This makes short work of anchoring façade elements, doors, windows and scaffolding in brick walls. The HZB effortlessly drills deep holes in bricks without the risk of breaking the brick webs, as is often the case with conventional drill bits. By avoiding such damage, the HZB guarantees secure anchoring. Another plus: The tool also drills holes in glazed tiles and lasts 20 times longer than a conventional drill bit.

Large numbers of socket outlets have to be drilled in residential and office buildings. The fastest way to do this is by using the tungsten carbide core drill. This tool stands out with its fast working speed and an extremely long service life. With its carbide cutting edges, this drill bit can also cut through glass, ceramic and metal.

Different materials often have to be cut in the construction of new buildings and during refurbishment work. An especially versatile tool for construction work is the cutting disc for stone and cast material. It cuts through stone, concrete and cast material equally effortlessly. With its favourable price-performance ratio, it is a good solution for craftsmen who do not have to use a diamond disc very often.

The LD Multi 3 and VDC diamond cutting discs are the first choice for the toughest jobs. They are just as versatile as the stone and cast material cutting disc. However, they achieve an even better cutting performance and have a longer service life. They both work with minimal vibration and offer high breakage resistance. The main difference between the two cutting discs lies in the materials that can be cut with them. Both are ideally suited for cutting commonly used building materials such as concrete, brick, roof tiles and sand-lime bricks. The VDC cutting disc also cuts through tiles and cast material, while the LD Multi 3 cuts igneous rock (porphyry) and clinker bricks as well. For cutting tiles in particular, LUKAS offers three other tools with different main application areas, so that craftsmen can choose the best cutting disc for their work.