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Looking good counts as well

Polishing tools for top-quality surfaces on steels, aluminium and non-ferrous metals

Bare surfaces play an important role in the chemical, medical technology and food & beverage industries. They are easy to maintain and underscore the value of the machines and plants with their high-quality appearance. LUKAS supplies the tools for grinding and polishing.

Bright copper brewing kettles, agitator vessels made of bare stainless steel – where hygiene reigns in industry, objects shine and flash. Shiny or silk-matt vessels visually signalise cleanliness and perfection. Thorough polishing helps to give machines, plants and vessels a flawlessly smooth surface through to a mirror finish. In the case of products used in areas where they come into direct contact with the public, effect grinding has a special impact – for example as a peacock feather or cloud design. The polished finish becomes an optical refinement.

Examples of such polishing tools:

  • P6 marbling point
  • P3 polishing point
  • grinding paste
  • P6PT polishing discs
  • P6PW polishing roll

Grinding becomes a refinement

The P6 marbling point creates grinding effects that look like peacock feathers or clouds. It can be used on stainless steels, aluminium and non-ferrous metals. This treatment gives kettles and vessels a decorative surface. The grinding wheel is available with head diameters between 20 and 60 mm. The tool does not clog up while working and can be used until it has been ground down completely. Finally, further polishing to achieve a mirror finish is recommended.

The P3 polishing point is ideal for polishing complex-shaped bodies to achieve a mirror finish. This point grinds tubes and smaller vessels as well as tools, dies, bearings or spindles. LUKAS’ many years of experience have resulted in a range of five head shapes and head diameters between 6 and 30 mm. These variants cover practically every application scenario.

For large areas and filigree textures

Grinding pastes are ideal for polishing pre-ground surfaces. Hard metals such as steel and cast iron can be quickly machined with them. Grinding pastes also give the finishing touch to non-ferrous metals. This makes the paste suitable for many different vessels and types of equipment. Our product is available in the grit sizes 320, 180 and 120. 

The P6PT polishing disc is suitable for polishing larger flat surfaces. This extremely versatile polishing disc performs a wide variety of tasks (depending on the grain size), from derusting and paint stripping through to fine grinding and mirror finish polishing. The tool is simply mounted on a controlled straight grinder. The operator can use flap discs with an increasingly finer grit size in succession. This soon creates respectable results.

In many cases, vessels or equipment should be given a smooth but brushed or matt grain surface. This is what our P6PW polishing roller has been designed for. It is available in three grit sizes and with a soft or medium-hard roller. We can also supply an electrical tool for driving such brushes.