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LUKAS Tools Trading Shanghai – Lukas Erzett for the APAC market

Agile, sustainable, future-orientated, forward thinking, customer-based solutions and always one step ahead of market requirements. With this in mind, LUKAS has left its mark all over the world – now also in China.

LUKAS Tools Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. is a German owned company based in Shanghai, servicing the entire APAC market. LUKAS has ambitions to be one of the leaders with the coming efficient logistic center in the biggest market in the world.

Lukas at the top of the global industry


  • Supplier of powerful and innovative solutions
  • Always focused on our customer needs from a vast range of industries
  • Forward thinking, developing customer-based solutions staying one step ahead
  • Our image to the world reflects our values
  • Offering next level solutions
  • Always the right tool
  • 360 degrees service
  • Innovating for efficiency
  • Industry expertise and consulting that benefits you
  • Easy ordering and fast shipping
  • A product range that leaves nothing to be desired
  • Clever custom solutions that close your process gaps


Due to the increasing competition and cost pressure in the course of globalisation, LUKAS began to pursue an intensive and rapid internationalisation strategy. Due to the increasing competition, in the course of globalization, LUKAS has started to pursue an internationalization strategy. The Rep. Office in Beijing, established in 2007, was to be the first milestone in opening up the Asian market. With the new foundation of LUKAS Tools Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. in 2019, a full-fledged branch office should replace our Rep. Office in the long term, in order to systematically expand our successes in the Asian market and to be able to hold their development more strongly in our own hands.

We closed our previous old representative office in Beijing in January 2023. Thus, our new office in Shanghai is the only and fully-fledged branch office. With this step, the LUKAS Group secures its long-term competitiveness and future also on other continents.

LUKAS Tools Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. is proud to be part of the entire LUKAS Group, being the pioneer of the new globalisation.


Always the right answer to your questions

Because we want to combine quality and reliability with the answers to the questions of the future, we do not only have a highly qualified sales team to take care of your needs, but also offer informative and effective product and customer training and full support in our customers research and development to find a solution for your industry requirements.

European quality at the best prices

As a full-fledged new branch office we serve the entire Chinese mainland as well as neighboring countries, ensuring first-class service and fast and efficient delivery of European products.

With our headquarter and warehouse in Shanghai LTTC comprises the areas of sales, export, import, shipping and customs clearance.

The highest performance for you

Your economic success is also our economic success. That is why we want to keep you as a customer and support you.

Your satisfaction is our top priority

Our management, sales staff and development experts speak your language and support you with challenging questions. We familiarize ourselves with your applications and then deliver the perfect tools for your industry. We develop precise, high-performance, high-quality and economical tools that are optimized for your specific application.

Optimum availability, wide product range, individual production


We have prepared our comprehensive product range for you with a great depth of information so that you can always easily find the right tool for you. Discover the LUKAS products from the categories milling, drilling, grinding and polishing with bonded tools, grinding and polishing with flexible tools, cutting, rough grinding, cleaning.

Here you will find the entire LUKAS range bundled together:


LUKAS carbide burrs are manufactured using high-quality solid carbides on modern CNC automatic grinding machines in order to guarantee precision and repeatability of angle, profile and twist. Our Head Office in Germany manufactures solid carbide burrs to your drawings and specifications to help you solve difficult stock removal problems.


Product overview Milling

Bonded Abrasives

Mounted Points, efficient and professional grinding

LUKAS mounted points are premium grinding tools with a long tool life that deliver high removal performance. They are perfect for efficient and effective rough processing, fettling, preparing and reworking weld seams, and for deburring.
From cutting to fine machining, we offer a range of mounted points in various shapes, sizes and finishes so that you always have the right grinding tool for the job. LUKAS mounted points are designed for grinding all kinds of material (steel, cast steel, tool steel, cast iron, aluminium alloys, titanium and nickel alloys, plastic, glass, ceramic and many more).


Product overview Bonded Abrasives

Polishing Points

Whether you need to achieve certain technical surface values for your product or just want to make it shine, there are many good reasons to choose polishing tools from LUKAS.
In sectors such as the automotive industry, aerospace, and pump and turbine engineering, there are plenty of sealing surfaces and fits that must be produced with high precision to achieve the right result. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, polished surfaces ensure hygienic clean working conditions. In the mould and die industry, surfaces are polished to a mirror finish, the result is that every casting produces a perfect end product.
In response to the growing importance of fine machining, LUKAS has developed a wide range of polishing tools, featuring a variety of raw materials, grain combinations and hardness levels. LUKAS polishing tools are categorised into groups P1 to P7 according to the respective application. These tools include polishing wheels, points and sticks to cover a wide variety of applications.


Product overview Polishing Points

Coated Abrasives

Our flexible grinding and polishing tools are made of high quality abrasive cloth and abrasive fleece. They consist of a flexible backing coated with abrasive grain.
Backings used: cloth, polyester, fleece, fibre
Grain types used: regular aluminium oxide (NK), silicon carbide (SIC), zirconia alumina (ZK), ceramic (Ceramic)
Our flexible grinding and polishing tools are available in many different shapes and dimensions. Applications range from high chip removal through to achieving an extremely fine surface finish.

LUKAS offers you the right abrasive for every job – tailored to your requirements and the materials you want to machine. The high quality abrasives from LUKAS are ideal for many industries, areas and requirements, and therefore offer you a very wide choice.

The overview in our catalogue lists all abrasives for use with flexible grinding and polishing tools. Read through the attributes and application areas for various workpiece materials to identify the most suitable abrasive grain type and tools to meet your requirements.


Product overview Coated Abrasives

Cutting Discs

Cutting discs are specialists for powerful cuts: they work their way rapidly through every material. Cutting tools from LUKAS are precisely adapted for use on different materials and with handheld or stationary machines. They all achieve maximum performance and a long tool life.
The LUKAS product range includes suitable cutting discs for steel and stainless steels, cast materials and light metal, as well as for bricks, tiles and other building materials. Cutting discs for stationary machine tools are also available in addition to types for handheld angle grinders.


Product overview Cutting Discs

Grinding Discs & Wheels

Rough grinding discs are the specialists for coarse work: you get the maximum cutting performance. LUKAS offers rough grinding discs for every type of metal with the properties to match.
LUKAS grinding discs are designed for machining steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, cast materials, titanium and composite materials. Depending on the machining material, the tools comprise an optimised combination of grain, bonding agent, microstructure, shape and design.


Product overview Grinding Discs & Wheels



We do not talk about quality, we live it. Day after day. This makes LUKAS tools a reliable and safe factor in the manufacturing process and ensures optimum production quality. All products that leave our premises are intensively tested and meet the highest safety and quality standards.

  • made in Germany
  • first-class raw materials
  • highly modern test facility
  • Quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Energy management system according to ISO 50001:2018
  • active membership in specialist associations
  • Regular audits by DQS
  • LUKAS tools are manufactured according to the oSa- safety regulations (in addition, we recommend compliance with the FEPA safety recommendations)

We are an active member of the following trade associations:

FEPA – Fédération of European Producers of Abrasives
Information from FEPA on the correct use of abrasive tools can be found at: www.abrasivessafety.com



Close to you, everywhere in the world.
Service and sales that you can rely on.

Our skilled, and experienced sales staff can give you detailed and professional support  in any questions you may have concerning our products and services. They will even come and help you on site. Should you need individual consultation or a custom product development, our technicians and experts are here to help you at any time. Get in touch with us!

Head Office

LUKAS Tools Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Unit 313B, Tower 1, Block 2, N.88 Keyuan Road, Shanghai, 201203, China
Tel: +86 21 5077 8268
E-Mail: lukas-trading@lukas-erzett.com


LUKAS – NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS. LUKAS-ERZETT GmbH & Co. KG, based in Greater Cologne area, is one of the technological leaders in the market for grinding, milling, cutting and polishing systems that specialises in the production and sale of tools, machinery and accessories, as well as expert consulting. Agile. Sustainable. Future-oriented. LUKAS thinks ahead, develops tailor-made solutions and is always one step ahead of market requirements. With this attitude, LUKAS has already set standards in the market at a very early stage.

All products manufactured and traded by LUKAS stand for the highest quality, such as powerful work, long service life, excellent ergonomics and best results. And if no standard solution fits your application: We develop an individual answer to every problem. So that not only our products, but above all yours, always remain fit for the future.

LUKAS on the pulse of global industry

With around 650 employees, state-of-the-art production sites in Germany and the Czech Republic, an enormous wealth of experience and a broad product portfolio, LUKAS is firmly established in the markets. The internationally active company with branches and representatives on all continents has more than 85 years of experience in the production of system solutions for the application areas automotive, aerospace, environmental and energy industry as well as construction industry and handcraft.

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