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Underway worldwide with high precision

Engelskirchen, August 2019. They are thin, they are round, they inspire with their high resilience and long tool life – and they perform important work worldwide in very different tasks and areas of everyday life: cutting and grinding discs from LUKAS-ERZETT. The fields of application for these cutting and grinding discs are just as diverse as the user industries. Be it on the high seas on oil platforms and tankers, for repairing buses in Paris, in the production of luxury yachts or in the food industry, LUKAS cutting and grinding discs accompany the most challenging processes and work with extreme precision.

Belgium – the long path to making chocolate

It’s a long way from the cocoa bean to milk chocolate. The chocolate production process is a complex one comprising many different process steps. Various machines are used along the manufacturing chain, such as sorting and roasting machines, special mills and steel rollers. The highest quality and hygiene levels are required of the machines that accompany this production process.

In Belgium, flat cutting discs from LUKAS are used in the manufacture of chocolate-making machinery. These are ideally suited for creating the clean surfaces and cutting surfaces that are essential in the food industry on the machines made of stainless steel (Inox steel) and steel materials.

Machining with LUKAS cutting discs takes place with fast and cool cutting of Inox steel without any blue discolouration combined with a longer tool life. This means that they are extremely economical to use. The tools also allow particularly precise cuts with minimal odours and grinding dust. This is ideal for machines such as those used in producing chocolate where the generation of dust should be kept to a minimum for hygienic reasons, as well as where fine stainless steel seams need to be ground to achieve the greatest possible resistance to corrosion.

For years, the established machine manufacturer for chocolate production in Belgium has relied on the LUKAS quality of its cutting discs for steel and stainless steel with their different diameters: “Since 2013, our customer has been convinced by the good price to performance ratio, the fast delivery times that eliminate unnecessary downtimes, and the smooth-running cooperation,” says Joost van Hauwermeiren, LUKAS representative for the Benelux region, describing the successful collaboration. He personally considers the long tool life of the discs and their positive ergonomic values to be their prime characteristics, together with the minimal vibration, reduced dust and noise development. “The cutting discs used here are especially suitable for high-performance machines, such as angle grinders up to 1500 W.”

Great Britain – playing it safe on the high seas

“Oil drilling platforms have to withstand the toughest wind, weather and water conditions for many years. Thus, special attention has be paid to the welding and subsequent machining of the weld seams on the highly stressed girders and machines on the drilling rig,” explains Peter Cleverly, managing director of the LUKAS-ERZETT representation in the UK. An oil drilling platform is like a small factory out in the middle of the sea, drilling cost-intensive wells at great depths using innovative, special technologies. The main construction material used here is structural steel. Grinding structural steel with its coarser structures and surfaces is often a real challenge. For this reason, LUKAS grinding discs for large-scale surface treatment have long been especially popular in the production and maintenance of oil drilling platforms. High-performance cutting and grinding discs for handheld and stationary machines are mainly used here. Grinding discs are also used for finishing, grinding and polishing weld seams, cleaning metal and levelling surfaces prior to welding.

Only the most resilient tools of best quality are used in the production processes on a platform. LUKAS has been a reliable supplier for over four years. “Here, we can only offer discs with the highest reliability levels, and the customer must be absolutely certain of this. Another crucial factor for the customer is high and fast delivery reliability from stock as schedules have to be adhered to,” says Peter Cleverly, describing the customer benefits with LUKAS.

France – reliable travel by bus around Paris

City buses are exposed to high levels of wear and tear. A lot of traffic, minor to major accidents, and large numbers of tourist and resident passengers create a huge strain. Repairs are frequently needed to get the buses back on the road and maintain regular services. For Paris, a city with millions of inhabitants and visitors, every operational bus is crucial. This means that the buses cannot stay for long in the workshop of a state-owned Parisian bus operator. Fast repairs to structural steel parts that have been badly deformed in accidents, using robust and high-quality tools, are the order of the day here. Following a six-month test procedure, which included testing for durability, safety, dust and noise development and smooth cuts, LUKAS cutting discs prevailed over other tools. “This customer has been buying cutting discs from LUKAS for five years now,” says Joost van Hauwermeiren, LUKAS representative for the Benelux region. “They were convinced by the best price to performance ratio and the outstanding service with fast and punctual one-stop delivery.”

Germany – luxury yachts: top-level quality

It takes months or even years until a luxury yacht is constructed. The consequence of incredible precision working. An attention to detail and a love for technology characterise the passion for these yachts. Everything about these yachts is special and the world’s biggest super yachts are all custom-made. Reliability, safety and comfort are the driving factors for the manufacturers. Shipyards design, develop and construct yachts and naval vessels that are in demand worldwide with the highest quality levels, innovation and passion – from new constructions to conversions, repair work and refits. Meeting the stringent demands of this industry is no easy task. “A consistently good quality and on-time delivery in particular are decisive factors for our ship-building customers,” says Christian Schlätzer, the responsible LUKAS sales representative in northern Germany.

Cutting and grinding discs from LUKAS meet the demanding requirements of manufacturers worldwide and are therefore used in many different industries for cutting metal and smoothening the subsequently clean-cut edges. The sharp, precision ceramic abrasive grains on the state-of-the-art cutting discs from LUKAS ensure both this and cool grinding. To make sure that the rotating cutting discs are not damaged at high speeds and causing damage to the workpiece in turn, they are reinforced with fabric inserts and are extremely flexible thanks to the particularly elastic resin bond. This flexibility allows for manual and free-handed cutting of metals, e.g. in shipbuilding. Shipyards have been customers of LUKAS and relying on the use of cutting and grinding discs for Inox steel and aluminium for many years. “The good quality and price have been convincing our customers for many years. We don’t make any compromises here,” says Christian Schlätzer.

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LUKAS-ERZETT Vereinigte Schleif- und Fräswerkzeugfabriken GmbH & Co. KG, based Engelskirchen, Germany, is one of the technological leaders in the market for grinding, milling, cutting and polishing systems that specialises in the production and sale of tools, machinery and accessories, as well as expert consulting. All of the products that we make and sell offer outstanding quality. Powerful, durable and extremely ergonomic, they help deliver excellent results in a variety of high-precision processes.

We are internationally active, with branches and representatives in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. With over 80 years of experience, we produce system solutions for industries ranging from automotive, aerospace and energy to construction and tradespeople.

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